I Dare You To Use Common Sense

Last Updated on: 28th June 2018, 01:12 pm

How did this ever make it to court? It shouldn’t have, and it sure as shit shouldn’t have been heard in front of a jury. Why the hell did he win?

Here’s a quick summary. The guy was working at some docking company, and was either dared to jump into a shallow river, or said he would do it for a few bucks. He jumped, fell ten feet, headfirst, into a foot of water. and what happens when you do that, boys and girls? It’s likely that you’ll break your neck and be paralyzed. ding ding ding, that’s correct. He now can’t use his arms or legs, but can move his shoulders a bit. He needs help doing everything from eating to dressing, and has huge unpaid medical bills. He’s screwed his family, since they don’t have health insurance, his mom quit her job to take care of him and his dad has to work out of state so the family can live. His fiance said bye-bye shortly after the accident.

First, he tried to get worker’s comp, but failed because the temp agency that sent him to that company didn’t have workers comp insurance. So he sued the company where he was working, and now they’ve gone bankrupt. But somehow, a jury decided he should get 76 million. Why? He chose to jump off there. Nobody pushed him. He wasn’t ordered to do it. He did it on a dare. It’s his own damn fault. How come this wasn’t tossed out?

There’s something about his lawyer that screams scumbag to me, and I can’t even put my finger on it. the part that really makes me angry is when his lawyer says he hopes for a better life and the ability to walk now that he has this money. what’s he going to do, buy himself a new body? Even if he gets 76 million out of them, which is unlikely, he’s still going to be dependent on people for everything. It’s not like the technology exists to rebuild his spine if he just had enough money. Maybe his family will have a better life because they won’t have to struggle just to take care of him, but this money isn’t going to make him walk again, and it’s stupid to say something like that.

the only people I feel sorry for are his family. They didn’t ask for this, and now they’re left dealing with the consequences of his stupidity. If I were his mom, I would probably do my best to try and forgive him, he’s my kid after all, but I would have a whole lot of resentment as I took care of him day after day because he decided he was going to jump ten feet into shallow water. I can only hope that that’s the reason he won. The jury wanted to spare his family from carrying him for the rest of their lives. But why should the company carry him? This whole thing is just stupid and shouldn’t have even happened.

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