>Ok, who Omelet-Burped In Here?

Last Updated on: 24th April 2012, 10:59 pm

>I’ve been meaning to post about this burp gas-filtering device for the last couple of days for two reasons. I could use that silly title and make an inside joke, and I could laugh at the text quoted by the folks atWeird Universe where I found it. This is the description they quoted.

It serves two functions in one. You can deodorize your burp, and if your dinner companion needs a pen to sign the check, you’ll have one to offer.

Burp or eructation odors have been a source of annoyance or concern in polite society for hundreds of years. Far too often, the foods that we love most cause us to belch. To the person who is belching, the odor may be a trifling annoyance, especially if the burp was the result of an enjoyable meal. However, for persons in the close vicinity of the burp, the burp is simply an unpleasant odor of someone else’s partially digested food. Many people wish to eliminate the burp odor so as to avoid offending others…
The burp filtering device has the body of a writing pen, with an intake port at the upper end of the body, a plurality of exhaust ports adjacent the writing tip and a filter disposed within the body. The filter may be made of activated charcoal or other media for filtering and adsorbing or absorbing eructation odors. In use, the user holds the upper end of the pny body to his lips, releases the suppressed burp and the filtered, deodorized gas is exhausted through the ports at the writing tip… Still another object of the invention is to provide a device for eliminating burp odors that also serves as a writing instrument.

Man, the people who invented this thing sure have thought a lot about burps. Wouldn’t it look weird if people were always holding pens to their lips? I dunno. Maybe if this thing caught on, it wouldn’t. But I guess it didn’t.

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