Look At Us, All Over The Letters to the Editor Section Again

Last Updated on: 14th November 2023, 09:15 pm

On Tuesday, Steve said he was going to write a letter to the editor about an editorial he saw about the calling of bus stops. Well, it got in. I wrote one too, and it also made it in. I think his was better, but oh well. At least we both got to hit some points.

The poor Mercury is starting to figure out that these two blinks do live at the same place, because they only called once and verified that we each did write a letter, instead of calling, asking for one of us, and then calling again and going “Ah crap, if I’d realized you were both at the same number, I would have gotten both letters verified at once.”

Hopefully the letters make people think. I can’t guarantee it, but at least we tried.

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