Google, Please Do No Evil

Last Updated on: 23rd December 2014, 10:53 am

I know that Las Angeles’s computer systems are antequated, described as “Pac-Man-era technology”, but is the solution to transfer all the city’s sensitive data over to Google? This includes arrest records and other confidential city data. Hmmm. This is Google we’re talking about, ya know, the one who likes to archive people’s mail indefinitely, says it’s deleting something but doesn’t really do it, likes to keep account-holders’ search history online for who knows how long. Do we really want to place sensitive data in their hands and trust that they’ll do the right thihng with it?

the scary thing is other cities have already done it.

I know any computer and security system can be hacked if somebody wants to do it badly enough…but isn’t storing data out on servers somewhere else, on Google no less, making it a little too easy? Yes, they say there are precautions…but are they good enough?

I’m glad I don’t live in Las Angeles. As far as I know, Guelph’s stuff isn’t stored on Google.

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