Nokia Braille

Last Updated on: 19th September 2013, 03:20 pm

I heard about something that, in concept, sounds cool.

Nokia Labs has created an experimental app called Nokia Braille that is supposed to read text messages to you in braille. But it’s not exactly braille, it’s vibrations that would form braille letters. Here’s a video demonstrating it. Yes, he is speaking English, although at first my brain could not process the sounds coming from him properly.

Two thoughts: This would only run on touch phones. these are apparently going to be supported by Talks and Mobilespeak. Otherwise, this would be a doomed experiment because ifI can’t use the rrest of the phone, especially the part where I reply to this text message, I’m not going to buy that phone just because braille appears on the screen. I’m glad they realized those phones need to be supported by a screenreader.

Second, by the explanation, this would be a painfully slow and tedious way of reading texts. But I can’t say for sure until I see it. It is a neat idea, anyway.

For more info, here’s another news article on the subject.

Aside: How do you comment on this post on the Nokia blog? I’d love to leave a comment to ask some questions, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how.

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