Wrestling Sucks And So Do I, But Wrestling Sucks More

Last Updated on: 1st October 2013, 04:11 pm

“If WWE keeps booking wisely like they did here and refrains from making stupid decisions to try to fool people…”Me, speaking under the mistaken belief that there was still a shred of a fucking clue left in somebody around that shithole.

So yeah, about that. After watching a pay-per-view that was ok at times and head slappingly upsetting at others and then a 3 hour Raw so stupid that at points I thought about turning it off and giving up on WWE after about 25 years of sticking with them through goodtimes and bad, I can say without a doubt that Vince McMahon and whoever he’s listening to have lost whatever may have remained of the shit for brains they’ve been functioning on for the better part of the last decade.

For Christ’s sake, these people beat Kofi Kingston at the exact moment they shouldn’t have! And then to make sure that all of the people smart enough to not watch the PPV knew about it, they went ahead and beat him again the next night on the free show! Thanks for comin’ out Kofi, it was fun while it lasted. You should have known better than to be good at your job and to start getting over, my friend. If you were allowed to continue with that behaviour you might have found yourself in the position of being a fresh face and money making draw for a company that needs as many of those as it can get.

Just . . . Fucking . . . I don’t know. . .

Guess I should get to how I did with my predictions this time out…right after I take a couple deep breaths.

… … …

Alright, I think I’m ok now.

The stuff about wise decisions definitely came into play this month, but I’ve said as much about that as I can. To make the long story I just finished telling a bit shorter, I went from perfect last month back to my usual getting 3 right out of a possible 7. With that I am at 20 points for the contest so far and nowhere near the top 5, top 10 or even the top 25. The guy in the penthouse finds himself at 30 points after a 4 point night and the person in the outhouse remains at 4. Quick tip: it helps if you submit your picks. These people can’t read your mind, nor would they want to I suspect.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time going over the show. Like I said, it had its good points and its bad. But I will ask a favour of WWE, not that they’ll listen. I am, after all, just a fan.

Please, when somebody gets split open during a match, quit having some guy run out and interrupt things to wipe off the blood. I understand you’re trying to be PG and that Linda McMahon hasn’t quite finished not winning a senate seat yet, but it ruins the flow of things and takes the crowd out of what are otherwise good matches. If it looks like somebody’s going to die then by all means stop the show and put him back together, but under normal circumstances, cut that the hell out! All it does is give people another reason to be angry at you and a few seconds of down time to think about how much your product sucks and how good it used to be.

That’s all for now, I think I need a drink. At least the rest of the day will be filled with things more pleasant than thinking about and watching this shit. Carin’s taking me to seeDerek Edwardsand have some dinner for my birthday, and there’s no way that can be anything but fun.

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