What A Way To Say Happy Valentine’s Day

Last Updated on: 19th May 2020, 08:53 pm

Here’s a little tip for Torontonians. If you decide to go eat at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, for god’s sake, don’t use the unisex bathrooms. For sure, don’t use them Valentine’s Day weekend. Why? Because the restaurant’s co-owner is encouraging people to have sex in there. Apparently, people have done it before, so they thought they’d capitalize on it. They’ve even hired a maid to come in and keep things clean through the weekend. Oh the poor, poor maid. Can you imagine being hired for that weekend?

I’m trying to picture someone convincing their significant other that this was actually a nice gesture. “I love you dear, and I want to take you out to dinner to show you how much I love you. Then I want to Screw you in a public bathroom.” Ok then.

And who is the co-owner who thought up this idea? Her name is Donna Dooher. Close enough.

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