You’d Better Hurry If You’re Thinking About Some Curry In A Hurry

This is sad. Because of various road work and maintenance taking longer than it should, the Curry in a Hurry in downtown Guelph will beclosing on April 16th.

I remember 11 years ago when I first started visiting Guelph, Carin and I and one of our other friends would eat there quite a bit. The food was always good, plentiful and reasonably priced, 3 qualities all restaurants should aim to possess. The place also delivered, which was great when we moved here. We used that a lot on nights when all of us were too lazy to cook something or even if we just had a craving. Eventually their delivery people started to recognize us…or at least recognize Carin. Everybody recognizes Carin, but for some reason nobody can ever remember my name. I’m always mistaken for one of our friends or my name becomes You’re That Guy, How’s It Goin’? I’ve also been called Bruce and Andy at different times, don’t ask me how that happened.

Anyway, back to Curry in a Hurry. Its demise is extra sad for me because I’ve just been able to eat the stuff again in the last year or 2. Have you ever had one of those times when you get horribly ill and your brain for some reason associates the last thing you ate with the problem even though it had nothing to do with it? That happened to me with Curry in a Hurry. For the longest time I couldn’t eat it, and for a while it was even hard to be around other people eating it. It sucked because I knew I loved the stuff, but I couldn’t bring myself to order it again. I’m glad I got back into it, especially now that I may never get the chance to have another one after next week.

I hope that Sarah Dewbury does decide to reopen in the future, and I hope she goes after some compensation from the city and especially Bell Telephone for what they did to her. I realize things happen and it’s not always possible to finish a project on time, but when the aim is the start of January and you wind up not clearing out until March, that’s pretty ridiculous.

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