Shot Through The Heart, And You’re To Blame, You Give Custody Plots A Bad Name

I understand wanting custody of your kid and being desperate, but your choices of plans should not include getting your buddy to shoot you and making it look like your ex-wife’s new boyfriend did it. For one, if the framing doesn’t go well, you may end up going down hard, and then you certainly won’t get your little dude back. But, more importantly, if your buddy shoots you a little too well, you may not live to see the next day. Then, when the police figure out it was all a plot to frame a guy to get the kid back, your buddy will get some nice hefty murder charges. This is what happened to Dwayne Lamont Moten, the dead one in the duo, and Jacob Wheeler, the shooter whose life is now probably ruined by this stupid plot. But I guess his life was already on the road to ruin, since the police said he had a long criminal history.

Some fine quotes that I have to pull out of this gem of a story.

However, the bullets that struck Moten on Saturday mortally wounded the forlorn father.

Bullets? Plural? Do you really need more than one?

Witness Michael Brown said he did what he could to help.

“Only thing we seen was this young man stopped in the middle of the street, and he got out hollering, ‘Man, I been shot. Somebody help me,'” Brown said. “When he hit the ground there was no more conversation going.”

Guess not.

All I know is there’s a kid who’s going to have some questions when he gets older.

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