Ernie Harwell, Dead At 92

It was just announced on the Blue Jays game that Ernie Harwell has died at 92.

I wrotean entryabout him and what he meant to me last year when he announced that he was suffering from cancer, so I’ll let that say my piece. But there’s already a nice tribute article posted on the USA Today website that you should definitely read if you have some time.

I also need to point out what a pro Jerry Howarth is. He had to announce the death of a good friend while still calling the game, and he did a wonderful job. He even managed to work in a few funny stories and some very nice words about Ernie. Listening closely you could hear in his voice that it was difficult for him, but had I just tuned in there would be no way I would have known anything was wrong until Ernie’s name came up again. great work Jerry, that can’t have been easy. I’ll bet Ernie would have approved.

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