Well, He Found Some Ghosts…

Last Updated on: 18th February 2015, 05:43 pm

Christopher Kaiser was with some other ghost hunters doing what ghost hunters do, duh, hunting for ghosts. They were on the hunt for a specific ghost train known to haunt some tracks at the place where it crashed back on August 27, 1891. Well, Kaiser may have found the ghosts, but not in the way he planned.He was united with them by a real train! Yes, while the 12 people searched for evidence of haunting, a real train was coming. It blew its whistle, it tried to stop, most everyone else got out of the way…except Kaiser, and a woman who survived, but had to be airllifted to hospital.

Now, I wonder if Kaiser’s ghost will haunt the tracks, and instead of searching for the legendary ghost train, future ghost hunters will search for the legendary ghost hunting dumbass who got smoked by another train. Hmmm…I see potential for a domino effect happening.

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