Save It ‘Til You Get Home, Live Freer

Last Updated on: 10th February 2015, 09:43 am

An update on the story of William Tyler Black, the fellow who was so taken with the hotness on display at his local Walmart that he felt his only option was tograb a magazine, head for the toy department and play Bop It with himself until he unleashed on the floor,hascut a deal with the authorities that will see him spared prison time, but also barred from Walmart and any other place that sells children’s toys.

As part of a plea deal to indecent exposure and battery charges, William Tyler Black was sentenced to two years of community control, a more severe version of probation that often includes a curfew. Black, 28, will also be subjected to GPS monitoring, according to a Sarasota Circuit Court document that stipulates “no contact w/ Walmart.”

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