Did You Say Frigidaire? No! There’s A Fridge In The Air!

Man, these news articles inspiring stories just keep coming.

When we lived in another building back years ago, People used to inexplicably leave fridges in the stairwell. My only guess is that the building was all stairs and they didn’t want to be bothered carrying the fridge down. We used to joke that we would love to heave the fridge over the stair rail because it would make a sweet noise, but of course we never did it. This is why.

A rennovating crew was doing some work, and for reasons I don’t get, threw a fridge out of the building from a fourth-floor porch. They yelled to the ground and heard no response, but then one of their coworkers walked into the path of the falling fridge, and crunch! He died at the scene.

Could they not have found a safer way to move the fridge?

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