Doughnut Delivery For The Cops

Last Updated on: 4th February 2017, 02:16 pm

We’ve talked about people coming to the police asking if they have any warrants for their arrest. Now, someone’s actually committing crimes in the hopes that they’ll get arrested!

Yes, Julie L. Pennington was drunk, so drunk that she wasn’t fit to face a judge the next morning. What I’d love to know is what she blew when they took her in.

For some reason she really wanted to get arrested. So, she pulled in in front of the police station and started spinning doughnuts. As she did that, she hit another parked car and ripped off her bumper by smashing into a retaining wall.

Frustrated that she had not caught the eye of cops, she marched up to the window of the station and asked to be arrested for DUI. Seriously. She was upset that she was doing all this spinning and crazy driving and nobody saw her. They granted her request, and gave her quite a list of charges.

When she finally manages to sober up, I wonder if she’ll think that was such a good plan.

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