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Last Updated on: 20th October 2014, 02:58 pm

Ok, where to begin? So much going onhere.

Mother of 4 Kimesa Smith, enjoying a trip to spring break with a few of the little ones, ran into some fast food service that was too far to the opposite end of fast for her liking. Since you’re reading this here, you know what happens next.

Smith, 31, argued with Burger King employees before jumping atop the front counter, where she swung at workers and threw a large plastic jug at them (the jug apparently was used to collect charitable donations).

Smith, a Montgomery, Alabama resident, also allegedly pulled the hair of a fast food worker and threw other items at employees. She was joined in these pursuits by several acquaintances, none of whom were charged.

Um, why not?

In an interview, Smith said that the confrontation began after she complained to workers about the tardy delivery of the Whopper Jr. and french fries she had ordered. She recalled exclaiming loudly, “Damn, these folks are slow.”

After waiting 20 minutes for the items, Smith said she flung the bag of food at workers with whom she had quarreled. Smith also copped to, among other things, throwing another customer’s drink at wokers, pulling the manager’s hair, and throwing the coin jug.

“We tore the Burger King up,” she remarked. “I don’t play no games.”

And just why was it so important that this meal arrive without delay? the answer, amazingly, involves slightly more common sense than you might expect.

In anticipation of a night of drinking, Smith said she went to the Burger King to “get something in my stomach.”

Night of drinking, you wonder to yourself. How young did this woman become a mother? Didn’t I just read that she was only 31? Man, her kids would have to be pretty young, wouldn’t they?

Why yes, in fact you did, and yes, in fact they would.

Describing herself as a “first time spring breaker,” Smith, a mother of four, said she had traveled Friday to Florida with friends and three of her children, the youngest of which is two and has cerebral palsy.

Note to any parents thinking of following a similar path: When you hear about how responsible moms and dads take their kids for shots and give them bottles, this is not what people are talking about.

Speaking of responsible parents, just where are the kids at this point, anyway?

After arriving at a police substation, Smith asked cops “where her children were at.” She then told officers “she had her 2 children with her” at the beach. But when an officer sought details about the children, Smith was uncooperative and “very vague.” Cops did not have enough information to report the children as missing.

So yeah. for all anybody knows, they could still be hangin’ out by the water, or perhaps waiting to get some fast food. They might even be looking for the third kid, the one who apparently didn’t make it to the beach.

And naturally, this isn’t all Smith’s fault. Is it ever in these cases?

Smith said that Burger King employees bear some responsibility for the altercation. “When I walked in they had no smiles on their faces. We weren’t treated fairly,” she said. Having herself previously worked at McDonald’s and Church’s Chicken, Smith added, “I know how to greet my customers.”

“If I knew what was gonna happen,” Smith said, “I would’ve gone to Taco Bell.”


Speaking of amazing, there’s a video shot by a fellow customer!You can watch that herewhile I figure out how the hell many tags this post is going to need.

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