Invisible Captcha: Cool Or What?

So many times I hear about new captchas, and I cringe. We’ll be soooo screwed. Well, thanks to a conversation on Twitter, I heard about a pretty neat idea.the invisible captcha!

Here’s how it works. People who are running their blog updates through Feedblitz and pay a wee bit of change can install this invisible captcha thing. As people try to subscribe to their feeds, it automatically takes guesses on whether they are a living breathing human or a bucket of bolts. If it thinks they’re a living, breathing human, no captcha for them. If it has its doubts, have a squiggly box or a garbled audio version.

There is an example on Seth Godin’s blog, and I gave it a shot. I don’t give a crap about marketing, but it’s the only way to find out. And hey! I got no captcha. It was satisfied that I was a living, breathing, two-legged homosapien! Sweet! I don’t know what IE was smoking, but it crashed on its face and lay there in a smoldering heap. Firefox took the site like a champ.

How neato is that right there? This might be our new subscription form doo hicker when we finally take the plunge and port the site over.

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