Hot Sauce Lady Goes From The Bottle To The Can

Last Updated on: 12th July 2018, 10:55 am

Remember the hot sauce lady from Dr. Phil? I did say she would always be known as that. she’s been convicted, although her lawyer’s pushing for no jail time, and it doesn’t sound like the kids are going to get much help.

I blame Dr. Phil’s producers partly for this, if things went down the way she says they did. She claims she approached them saying she was an angry mom. She sent in a video and they said she wasn’t actually punishing her kid so it wasn’t good enough. And that’s when she made the hot sauce video.

But seriously, woman, do you think Dr. Phil is the only place you can go for help? Are there no resources in Alaska? And do you really think you’re showing good parenting skills by getting your 10-year-old daughter to film for you?

And you adopted kids who were sleeping in a shack and then were taken to an orphanage. Expect that there are going to be some behavioural problems. Punishment is not going to fix it. How about getting to the root of the problem?

Well, there’s the end of that story. Not much of an end, but there it is.

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