If We Arrest The Drunk Naked Guy, The Terrorists Win!

Last Updated on: 13th November 2013, 08:54 am

Here’s another drunk guy who walked into the wrong house. Poor Teddy Brisseaux won’t be able to say that he just dreamed this one.

Police were dispatched to a Bruce Avenue house shortly before 4:30 a.m. Sunday after being told about a house break-in at a home a block from the defendant’s home.

When officers arrived, the home’s residents were screaming for help from the second-floor windows.

As officers climbed the stairs to the second floor they spotted a pair of jeans, undershorts, a t-shirt and a set of keys along the route. The clothes smelled of alcohol and urine, police said.

Upstairs, police said, Brisseaux was sleeping naked in a child’s bed.

The parents were asleep in their bedroom when their 6-year-old son ran into their room, woke them up and told them a man was sleeping in his bed. The boy said he was watching television in his room when the nude Brisseaux entered, lay down on the boy’s bed and went to sleep.

But Brisseaux insists that his arrest was an incident of racial profiling. Um sure.

What’s with all these drunks coming home to the wrong house? I mean, we’re blind, and we’ve come home hammered a time or two, and neither of us have ever opened the wrong door, or tried to unlock the wrong house.

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