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Last Updated on: 10th January 2013, 09:16 am

Am I the only one who reads and watches local news wondering if I’ll see anyone I know? I do that all the time and let me tell you, it tends to freak you the fuck out when you find somebody.

A part-time counselor and educational assistant at a Brantford school for the visually impaired is facing charges of sexual offences relating to a 15-year-old student.
Brantford police say Alicia Swerdfiger befriended the male student at W. Ross MacDonald School and connected with the student on a social media website last October.
Since then, Swerdfiger allegedly started multiple sexually explicit conversations through text messages and sent two sexually explicit photographs of herself to the student.

Police say they do not believe there was a physical sexual relationship between Swerdfiger and the student.

I literally jumped when this came on TV yesterday.

I don’t know her well, though we have met. She was at my house not all that long ago. But somebody pretty close to her used to be one of my best friends back in school. Same school where what’s being alleged took place, in fact. I doubt he’s reading this, but I hope he’s doing ok right now. I’ll certainly be thinking of him.

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  1. My parents read me the article this week…at first I thought they were reading it to me because it was about something sexual (occupational hazard) and I also nearly jumped when the name was mentioned at the end of the article. Deeply disturbed by all of this, including how close to something like home it hits.

    1. You know, I’m honestly surprised that more scandal type things don’t come out of the school. During my time there I got to talk to the nice lady from Brantford’s sex crimes unit twice (no, not due to anything I did). And this was 15 years ago, before just about everybody had a cellphone with the power of a computer in their pocket.

  2. I do find myself doing the same as you. But I have to say I found particular satisfaction in reading this article. A few years back she had an affair with my now ex-husband, while she was dating his best friend! Not only that, but she was also friends with my older sister in elementarty school. She had no boundries back then, & she CLEARLY doesn’t have them now. I hope this is the only victim…but will also find gratification in her incareration 🙂

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