Excuse Me Officer, Can You Help Me Find More Trouble Than I’m Already In?

for most guys, asking for directions is something we just don’t do. And for this guy, it’s something he probably shouldn’t have done.

Kenneth Charlton, 41, found himself a little lost one morning. So when he saw a police cruiser parked by the side of the road, he decided to ask the friendly officer inside for a helping hand. The officer happily gave him the directions he needed and sent him on his way, then promptly ran his plates after he drove off.

Some of you might know where this is headed.

Charlton’s license didn’t come back clean. In fact, he wasn’t even supposed to have one. He had been suspended for a drunk driving offense. I don’t know for sure, but that little nugget might explain why of all the places in the world, Charlton was asking for directions to the Uxbridge District Courthouse.

Naturally, the officer followed Charlton and pulled him over soon after. While the two were talking, he noticed that boy oh boy, this fellow sure smells an awful lot like happy hour. A sobriety test later and Charlton was on his way to the courthouse he was looking for, but for a new yet clearly familiar reason.

At last word he was being held on various charges, including operating without a license and operating under the influence. Bail had been set at $1000.

Meanwhile, police say they’re glad the officer got Charlton off the roads before he injured himself or anyone else.

I’ll drink to that, but I’ll figure out where on my own, thanks.

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