Bacon Flavoured Jello. Well, There Goes Dinner

A while ago I kind of went off about the world’s ridiculous bacon obsession and how out of hand it’s gotten. I stand by what I said, but had I only known what was to come I’d have saved saying it for sometime like…now. Yes, now seems like a good time.

That is indeed a real instruction set complete with photos guiding you through the process of making your very own bacon jello. I realize this is part art project, but the idea is for it to be completely edible and for people to eat it. I’ll award a few points for creativity, but it still seems like an awful lot of work to put into producing something that’s likely going to taste like a most horrendous kind of crap.

Bacon jello.  Yes, it’s bacon-flavored jello that looks like you’re slicing into a nice, thick slab of home-cured bacon.  Think of it less as dessert, and more as a surprisingly edible piece of concept art.  This jello has a dairy base flavored with bacon (of course!), a mix of maple syrup and flamed and reduced Calvados, and applewood smoke.

Want to get fancy?  Do this again, but change up the flavorings: breakfast (bacon, eggs, and toast layers), a BLT (obvious), or your own favorite bacon-based flavor combination.

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