Oh, You’re Officer Deegins? You Looked Like Officer Stone

if I told you that yet another person tried to sell marijuana to a cop, you might look at me and say something like “whatever. Off duty officer, plain clothes detective…these things happen. Easy mistake. Bad luck.” But if I were to then stop you and say no, this cop was on duty and in uniform at the time, you would probably look around and say “Florida? Is that you?” And you would be correct.

According to police, a Panama City Beach officer was on patrol late last night in an unmarked car when he was approached by Coleman. The 28-year-old Floridian was pushing a baby stroller carrying his two-month-old infant.

Lt. John Deegins, the uniformed officer, reported that Coleman approached him “using slang words indicating he was attempting to sell narcotics.” When Deegins showed interest, Coleman “parked the stroller” next to a vehicle about 15 to 20 feet away.

As detailed in a probable cause affidavit, Coleman offered to sell Deegins $25 worth of “bud” and “displayed a small clear plastic package containing a green leafy substance appearing to be cannabis.”

Terandell Curlee Coleman, who’s name I am having a great deal of difficulty typing correctly so thank you, copy and paste, is charged with misdemeanor possession with intent to sell and felony child neglect.

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