Discomforting Questions

It’s been a few days since we’ve heard from Gill. So…

For visually challenged individuals questions are apart of life. How does this look? Am I too close to something? Where the heck is my other shoe? Our sighted counterparts have questions when they encounter us as well. Some are routine have you been blind since birth, others are curiosities how do you cook, while others leave us with bad tastes, how do you wipe your bum? Like words these kinds of random and often disgusting questions make us flinch.

One such question happened at church of all places. I had fallen and scraped up two fingers on my right hand the previous day, and one of the people asked “they let you walk by yourself?` I, at first was baffled, and then replied “yeah why?`

Friends like it or not you will encounter this, but if you are armed with a smart comeback, a little humor, and a question of your own, you’ll navigate these waters just fine.

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