How Come I Never Hear You Guys On The Radio?

Call me crazy, but something tells me that if you’re sitting around with your buddies trying to figure out what to name your new band and “Cum Dumpster”, “Butt Trumpet” or “The Fuckin’ Shit Biscuits” are among your best ideas, commercial success probably isn’t the first thing on your mind. And you know what? That’s totally ok, because those are some fine band names. Fine, and 100 percent real.

Click there if you want to spend the next little while getting to know 20 bands with totally NSFW names and in more than a few cases, song titles. Before this I’d only heard of 4 of them, so I consider myself to be much more worldly and musically educated now.

Here are a few to get you started. Revolting Cocks – Do Ya Think I’m Sexy

Yes, this is a cover…sort of.

The Fuckin’ Shit Biscuits – I’m a Goddamn Stupid Fucking Idiot (7th Street Entry, Mpls 1988)

This one’s got a nice groove to it…for a while.

Butt Trumpet – I’ve Been So Mad Lately

And one to crank up next time you’re having a bad week.

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