Heds Will Roll: Where All The Headlines That Should Be In The Newspapers Go

When Carin and I write news stories, we can pretty much call them whatever the hell we want. But sadly, our “real reporter” friends don’t enjoy that same degree of editorial freedom. So it’s nice to see that there exists a place where all of the clever/funny/that’s just wrong headlines I know for a fact they have in them can live on and be enjoyed. Heds Will Roll

It reads like a list of titles we’d totally use, which means we must be doing something right…right? Please tell us we’re doing *something* right.

It’s hard to pick a current favourite of the ones I’ve seen, but I’m somewhat partial to this one:

Eton Trifles
A tabloid item on Paul Weller, the former singer of The Jam, being photographed outside a pub after gaining some weight

In case you don’t get it, The Jam ~ Eton Rifles

Simple, yet effective and with just the slightest tinge of cruelty. Near perfect, I say.

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