Cool Factor

Here again is Gill, this time talking about people, places and things she thinks are cool. Somehow, I was not mentioned. A simple oversight I’m sure.

Have you ever met people who just seem to spread coolness where ever they go, or whatever they do? Have you also wondered about those places with it as well? Maybe you have even been to one of those places yourself, or met a person who just by being is cool.

What Is it?

The Ms. Gillie definition of Cool Factor is a person, place, or thing that dares to differ, think outside of the box, or even promotes individuality.

The Person

My sister is a prime example of a person with cool factor. She doesn’t outwardly display it in her clothing or appearance, but people know and respect her for being Heather. She knows the coolest and latest, but she also does service projects through work, recently participating in an Aids fund raiser gala.

The Places

The Ethiopian restaurant that I visited in March had cool factor for being slightly off the beaten track, and offering an opportunity to try new food and coffee.

The Things

When I was in St. Lucia I marveled at the sheer beauty of the place, its vistas, the history, and the fact that it had many contrasts. Iceland in 2012 also had it simply with its shape shifting and vulcanic action.

All About Attitude

Whenever I am skiing with my dad I always have my give em heck face on. If one has that go big or go home attitude that also promotes cool factor. Now that you are grown being a nerd is also not as big a stigma as it was twenty years ago. So get out those comic books, visit the Star Wars Shop in Phillipsburg St. Martin, and most of all be yourself.

So who and what in your opinion has cool factor?

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