Revenge Of The Restaurant Worker

Everyone knows that when you put substandard restaurant service, impatient customers and weaponry together, a building is about to become a gunshot victim. But on the other hand, everyone also knows that there is what may or may not be a first time for everything.

According to Springfield police, officers responding to a call about a possible holdup early Saturday morning discovered a 26-year-old man banging on the restaurant’s door. The man told cops he went to the drive-thru to “get some tacos,” but after waiting a long time for service, he “banged on the window and yelled but nobody would help him.”

The customer, according to police, then “became angry (cause he was hungry)” and headed from his car to the eatery to complain about the poor service. He was met at the locked front door by Taco Bell employee Steven Noska.

According to the victim, Noska, 26, shoved him and then went to his car and got a BB gun. The man told cops Noska then shot him “several times” and also struck him with the weapon before returning to the restaurant.

While talking to police, Noska showed them bite marks on his arm that he said were put there by the customer. The customer was not arrested, but Noska was. He was charged with multiple counts of assault and battery. He’s currently free, having posted $250 bail.

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    1. That would’ve been funny. It was early in the morning, so it might also be possible. Seems like a fairly important detail to the story though so my guess is the place just sucks.

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