Thigh Of The Tiger

Last Updated on: 4th November 2014, 11:22 am

This most definitely falls under the category of fine police work, Lou.

It also needs a soundtrack, says Carin.

A man named Andrew Holland had his name dragged through the mud and the courts and his life ruined for a while over a bestiality video in his possession featuring of all things, a tiger.

Right now, I imagine two distinct thoughts are going through your head.

1. Good. Sick bastard deserves whatever he gets.
2. Who fucks a tiger and gets to hang around to experience the aftermath?

The answer to number 2 would be nobody, which would have been obvious if somebody had bothered doing anything remotely approaching his job along the way.

A Welsh man who was wrongly accused of owning bestiality porn has finally had his name cleared.
51-year-old Andrew Holland had to endure hate mail, threats, a heart attack and was denied seeing his daughter after being charged, The Independent reports.
According to The Mirror, lawyers only realised their error when they turned up the volume. An actor can be heard saying “that’s grrrrrrreat,” in reference to Frosted Flakes commercial.
Holland was also sent a ‘genital mutilation’ spoof video featuring sausages and ketchup.
Both videos were sent by his ‘friends’.

Dear people of Wales: Now might be a fine time to stop and have a nice long conversation about not only your obscenity laws, but some basic competency standards for your investigators. Just sayin’.

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