Alright, Miss. Smile And Say I Have The Right To Remain Silent

Some days I wonder if the crooks are even trying anymore.

Police are on the hunt for a woman who is believed to have stolen a credit card from a 74-year-old woman at a Florida Walmart and used it to make nearly $500 worth of purchases from a beauty shop, a dollar store and a gas station. But unless the police are as out of it as she is or she’s smarter than she looks, the hunt shouldn’t last long, thanks to a picture she allowed a suspicious clerk to take of her with the card when she was unable to provide proper I.D.

According to cops, when the suspect sought last month to pay for more than $400 worth of items at an Ocala beauty supply store, a 21-year-old clerk asked for the shopper’s state ID. The customer explained that she did not have the government ID, but instead provided a photo of her bearing the name seen on the credit card.

However, the worker at the Looking Good Beauty Supply store “still did not feel comfortable with the transaction so he requested to take a photo of the subject with the card,” according to an Ocala Police Department report.

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