They May Be Stuffing Him In Jail Soon

Stuffing is the best, but it’s not this good.

The court heard that police were called to the hall at around 2.10am. Stewart said he had been “insulted” at the party by a man who made reference to the amount of stuffing he was taking from the buffet.

After leaving the party, the court heard, an intoxicated Stewart returned wearing different clothes with a hood, and carrying a large bread knife, a kitchen knife and a paring knife from his home, which was just 200 yards from the hall. When officers arrived on the scene they found Stewart being restrained by two fellow party-goers.

Craig Peter Stewart plead guilty to three charges of possessing a knife, but also did his best to come up with a story. He said the change of clothes was because he was cold, and that he was only carrying the mini arsenal of knives because he wanted more food and there was no cutlery on the buffet table. I didn’t say his best was any good, just that he did it.

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