Why Didn’t You Tell Me I Was Stealing Garbage?

Excuse me, kind sir. If I may, I wish to have a word. I understand that our initial meeting did not take place under the most ideal of circumstances, but though you wish not to see me again nor I you, I nevertheless feel it my duty to make your acquaintance once more so that we might right this wrong which you have perpetrated upon me. I realize that in your heart of hearts you may believe that our roles were reversed and that it was I who wronged you, but I assure you sir that such is simply not so. For it was not I who allowed you to remove from my person via firearm persuasion a quantity of non-authentic jewelry, thus wasting your time and effort. No no no, my friend. In the parlance of our youngest generation, that one’s on you, homeboy. And believe you me, I shall be getting all up in your area regarding this matter.

The incident happened about 3 a.m. on South Beach, near 11th Street and Ocean Drive, when Palmer allegedly pointed a gun at a man from New York, grabbed his gold chain and then took off.

Police say Palmer apparently was not satisfied with his freshly stolen jewelry, and so he approached the victim again a block away, near 10th Street, just so he could tell him the jewelry was fake.
“That was a brazen move and because of that he was able to be apprehended,” Det. Ernesto Rodriguez said.
The victim was able to flag police down and point out Palmer, who was now driving a Mercedes.

After a short chase, police arrested and charged Daniel Sion Palmer with armed robbery, fleeing and eluding, reckless driving and possession of a suspended license.

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