When We Catch Him, We’ll Grill Him. Hopefully He’ll Tell Us The Tooth

Police in Minnesota are looking for a group of six or seven people in possession of several hundred dollars that doesn’t belong to them and possibly one brain between them that might, if we’re being extremely generous.

When police arrived, the Eastside Grillz employee told police he had a valuable piece of evidence — he had used a putty substance to make a mold of the teeth of one of the males in the group.
“This robbery affects me as a business owner, as this is money that I have to replace out of my own pocket and it’s unfortunate we live in a time where people feel the need to take what they want instead of work hard and earn what they want,” said Kari Schill, who owns Eastside Grillz. “I do hope my employee’s witty thinking will help the police capture these thieves.”
Schill said she doesn’t believe the suspects thought through the robbery.
That’s because not only did one person in the group leave his teeth imprint, which police could use to match to him, but he also provided contact information for the grill he was ordering Wednesday. Another male in the group was picking up a grill he already ordered and had previously left his contact information, Schill said.

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