Some Cool Facts To Nerd Up To

Not sure what exactly compelled Gill to write this, but the TV show she mentions is absolutely a real one.

It’s getting cold outside, but here in Nerd Power Central it’s toasty warm. Here I am to serve up some freshly baked facts and help you increase your nerd power. So go grab a hot drink, sit on down and chill, because it’s about to be a nerd party in here.

Around It Goes

Did you know that when the planet Uranus goes around the moon it tilts on its side? It would take approximately eight hours to travel from close to the sun to Uranus.

Since When Was That ok?

We head from the super cool, to the I can’t believe they aired that. In September 1990 a British production company, attempting to capitalize on 1950’s sitcoms like I Love Lucy brought out Heil Honey I’m Home. Don’t worry friends the tasteless train’s on it’s way to Bad Idea Junction. The supposed sitcom featured a modern day Hitler living with his whatever Ava was next to a Jewish couple called the Bronstines. Thankfully, although eight episodes were produced only one aired.

You Know What To Do

If you have any cool facts to share about anything send them, and help us build more Nerd Power.

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