I Probably Shouldn’t Say This

Last Updated on: 24th April 2018, 05:41 am

Don’t let the fact that you had records as a child make you feel old, Gill. Vinyl is big business now. If your family had an 8-track collection like mine did, let that make you feel old instead.

Next October I hit a milestone when I turn 40, which has me feeling old lately. Here are some of the items that make me feel like an ancient.

  • I had Star Wars on VHS. When I was in 3rd grade 30 years ago I asked my uncle to tape me the Star Wars Trilogy, the real one.
  • I had records when I was little. The first one I remember getting was The Mini-pops We Are The Mini-pops. For those not in the know, the Mini-pops were a group of British kids who sang anything from Diana Ross to Boy George.
  • My sister and I had to actually haul rump to the neighborhood library to research things. I was practically out of high school when Google was a baby.
  • I remember original clunky car phones. I was in 8th grade when we got ours.
  • Scariest of all, I could be mom to at least half of my church youth group.


What makes you feel old or weird about your place in life?

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  1. I remember the time a co-op student idly said “Oh yeah, I remember dialup. I think we had it when I was 4 or something.” I felt like a relic from another time. But I guess that’s pay-back for saying my folks were pioneers because they had an old crank crank crank telephone in our basement.

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