Many A Word From Gill

While we’ve been busy largely neglecting this place the last little while because summer, Gill has still been sending things in. So here, in no particular order, I shall now plunk a bunch of the stuff about what she’s been up to into a single, gigantic Gillstravaganza. I’ll also confess to not doing much editing here beyond a basic spellcheck and a touch of formatting, so apologies if anything looks off.

Artful Food

Last Saturday my mom, a family friend and I went to a town twenty minutes away from where I grew up. We had received an e-mail earlier in the week suggesting we come to this art show and sale. The e-mail came from a friend of my mom’s who taught with her back in the 1970’s, and was now helping a Syrian refugee family settle and live a new life in Canada.

Fill Your Plates And Hearts

When we got to the show and sale the mother and daughter of the Syrian family had set up a food table with traditional fair. There were stuffed tomatoes, baklava, falafels, and so much more that the very mention of them would cause me to short my computer from drooling over the mouthwatering thoughts. We bought some falafels and some hummus to spread over them.

A Young Girl’s Art

The daughter of the Syrian family {Avcin} waved us over to a corner display. She had created an entire abstract art project out of local stones and rocks, the intent of which, I believe, was to convey something about life in a small Canadian town with a nearby lake.

We Gotta Go To Keady!

When you think farmer’s markets, what do you picture? You probably think a lot of farm and garden stuff, some livestock, and maybe some food thrown in. Keady is all of that, but so much more.

On Tuesday We Go

Last Tuesday morning my dad and I went to this summer tradition. It’s a daddy daughter thing, and has been for several years now. We usually like to leave the house around eight-thirty nine AM to drive forty minutes to a town so small it barely registers on most maps.

What’s There?

Well, like I said in the intro it’s garden and farm tools and a livestock auction, but there’s so much more! On any given Tuesday you might also find vendors selling golf balls, Mennonites selling Friendship bread or pies. There is also homemade kettle corn. Yum!

What To Do

If you ever find yourself in Central Mid Western Ontario, or any rural area, go to a market such as this, you’ll be surprised and delighted to find the unexpected.

The Dragon Fly Cafe

Have you ever been to a restaurant that can boast the best something? You’ve probably also been to a roadside mom and pop diner or two. These gems dot the landscape especially if you leave the city and suburbs behind and head out to the country.

What Is This Spot?

It’s called the Dragon Fly Cafe, and it’s about twenty minutes from the farmer’s market I talked about earlier. In typical mom and pop style it’s very rustic, with the feeling of going to grandma’s house and smelling Sunday breakfast.

What Can They Boast

Well, many things, one being locally grown and sourced foods. There are so many farms in the area that provide eggs, bacon, chicken, etc. Freshly made bread, thirty varieties if you really are interested, all baked on sight each day. Let’s not forget the best chicken fingers in the county. They don’t rely heavily on grease, and are so tender and delicious. If breakfast’s more your thing, you won’t be frowned on for having it at noon.

Finding My Voice

Today I did something I never really imagined. I got up at church and did the welcome and lead out prayer. Why is this so surprising? I have terrible stage fright, and have for years.

When The Fear Began

This crippling fear started when I was in high school, and you would think that being an athlete would have liberated me from fear, but no. I was in drama classes, and would often have trouble memorizing lines. That was compounded by people, classmates, telling me I was worthless and sucked a lot.

How Today Came About

A couple of months ago I was on my way out of church one Saturday, when someone from the personal ministry team approached me. He asked if I would like to do the welcome and prayer, and for less than a second I thought I would politely decline. Then reason came by, and before I knew it I agreed.

Encouraging People

Today when the people charged with reading the Scripture, prayer requests, and the tithes and offerings people along with the praise team gathered in a small room off the sanctuary, I finally felt calm.


What’s something you’ve wanted to do or been asked to do, but didn’t because you felt nervous?

Breakfast and Coffee With Mom

If you think back several blogs, you may remember that I wanted to do something for my mom for spending several days with me while I was in the hospital. Well, I got my wish in two forms. The first was a trip to a place called Eggstravaganza. She didn’t let me pay for the meal, however we did have a nice chat. Eggstravaganza is what you think, all kinds of egg dishes. I had a salmon and cheese omelet, and my mom had Eggs Benedict.

Coffee And Conversation

My journey to knowing the person who is my mom continued the next afternoon at a local coffee shop when she finally let me pay for our coffees. She really loves dark roast with some hot chocolate thrown in for fun. I enjoy a nice dark roast, and here’s where it gets similar, I love just a touch of cream in my dark roast, and when my mom has dark roast minus the chocolate, she likes a touch of cream.


What’s something you have or had in common with one of your parents?

Up North The Week That Was

Here’s just a snapshot of things I did while visiting my family last week.

Repurposed oil drums

On Saturday May 19, my mom, aunt and I went on an art crawl. We saw many unique pieces of jewelry, pottery, etc. The coolest thing in my opinion was something we saw in a gift shop. The gift shop itself was rather cluttered, but in the middle of that clutter sat some unique art pieces. An Australian business man owns a factory somewhere in Vietnam where a crew of all women make oil drums into planters for gardens and birdhouses. What’s the cool factor? Well, not only are these formerly oil drums, but each set of items produced is unique and different.


What’s the coolest art project or installation you have ever seen or heard of?

Northern Adventure Part 2

You have often heard me talk of my love of unique and different foods and restaurants. Here’s yet another example of that.

Copper Blue

In the early 2000’s a company decided to develop a previously mainly untouched area near a well known ski resort near where I grew up. This development soon gave birth to what is now known as The Villages. Here you will find a venerable European village complete with spas, shops, and restaurants. Last week my dad and I were running errands when we stopped in to one of these establishments. Copper Blue’s atmosphere lands somewhere between rustic and trendy. My previous time eating at Copper Blue was around six years earlier, I had the pumpkin ravioli. That day, however, I had a black bean burger with roasted red peppers. The food there is pricey, but flavorful. The portions are also more what you would find in Europe.


What is the best little known spot you have ever eaten in?

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