This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

I’m sure it’s not the case and that most of the problem is with people who are assholes on a good day sticking out like even more of a sore dong than usual right now, but sometimes it feels like the last few months has eliminated our ability to be proper, decent, civilized human beings.
GRCA temporarily closes some parks after visitors break the rules

The Grand River Conservation Authority is temporarily closing some of its parks after challenges with visitors not following the rules.
Belwood Lake, the Elora Gorge, Guelph Lake and Rockwood conservation areas are closed until June 15. The Elora Quarry Conservation Area remains closed until further notice.
In the past few weeks, there have been challenges with the number of visitors at Grand River Parks prompting the closures, the authority said in a news release Tuesday evening.
Some visitors are disregarding provincial COVID-19 guidelines and are congregating in large groups and not following physical distancing rules.
Also, closures of certain areas in the parks are not being respected and a “considerable amount” of garbage and other waste is being left throughout the parks and natural areas.

The conservation authority said in addition to these challenges, some visitors are coming into the park without paying.

Until some dingus inevitably fucks it up, Brant, Byng Island, Conestogo Lake, Laurel Creek, Pinehurst Lake, Shade’s Mills conservation areas, and the Luther Marsh Wildlife Management Area are still open.

Seriously, why is this so hard?

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