It’s A Nice Day For A WhatsAppp Wedding

Last Updated on: 23rd November 2022, 06:18 pm

Oops there’s something in my eye.

Here’s something that’s very 2020. A couple of weeks ago, Steve and I watched someone’s wedding over Whatsapp.

It wasn’t just someone. It was Barb and Alex’s wedding, and if the stupid Coronavirus hadn’t come along and squashed all this year’s hopes and dreams, we were supposed to be there, and I was supposed to be part of the wedding party. This is the first time I’ve been actually part of someone’s wedding. She wanted us there, and hoped to make it happen, but we both felt it was too risky to travel that far, even though we really wished we could have been there, and I felt like the worst friend in the whole wide world. But at least we could actually see the wedding, and I still ended up blubbering like a baby on my own balcony.

It was a very sweet ceremony, complete with messages that they each created to tell each other and little rituals that were all their own. We got a virtual guided tour of the place where the wedding was, and it sounded absolutely beautiful. I also heard that the lunch was unbelievably delicious.

So boo Coronavirus, but yea technology! Some day in the future when this garbage virus has been taken out with the trash, we will all get together and celebrate this awesome occasion, and it will be the best party we’ve ever had.

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  1. So I don’t know if anyone told you, but right as we were saying our vows, there were three or four butterflies chasing each other around my head. It looks like it was right out of a movie apparently. It honestly felt like it was too. This is a cute blog post. Thanks for thinking of us.

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