This Old Man, 74, Tied Used Condoms To My Door

So you know you want to be creepy and gross to the womenfolk, but you aren’t so sure that you want to be quite as in your face about it as some people. What do you do? Well, if you’re this particular fellow, you leave an extra package on their cars while they’re off enjoying the mall. For now you do it allegedly, because you have not been convicted of anything yet, only charged with an assortment of things.

A Mississauga man faces multiple charges for allegedly tying used condoms on cars left in shopping mall parking lots, so that unsuspecting victims would find the prophylactics upon returning to their vehicles.
Peel police say there are currently nine known victims, all of whom are female. 
The earliest incidents date back to July 2018, and have continued until this summer, investigators say.
Police believe that the 74-year-old man may have targeted other victims at shopping centres throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

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