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Gill has another health update.

I haven’t had this experience firsthand, but I have watched someone close to me go through the you’re not in the book runaround and that’s plenty frustrating enough.

As always, best of luck with everything. Hang in there.

Here’s the latest frustrating detail on my health.

Yesterday I phoned my specialist to see when I would get my next CT scan, and found out much to my consternation that I am not even on the waiting list. Not only that, but they had not bothered to send the paperwork.

This morning I was woken up to my regular physician’s office calling to let me know that my appointment was canceled.  I called and sat on the phone for the better part of twenty minutes only to also find out that there were no appointments available.

Symptoms Update

As I mentioned in an article last fall, I’ve been losing weight.  Last summer size 12 was slightly, but not droopy drawers baggy on me, size 10 was comfortable.  I’m well aware that women have killed for this, but I am not one of them.  This last trip to my folks my mom and I went in to this neighborhood boutique, and size 10’s now borderline droopy drawers and 8 is comfortable.  Mind you I had not been size 8 since 11th grade, and that was 25 years ago.

My appetite has reduced a bit. No longer am I able to eat a super-sized portion, or even a larger than medium with out feeling like I’ll burst.

As for the pain, it comes and it goes.  The day before my last visit to my folks I felt like someone had taken a Louisville Slugger to my left kidney region, and had nursed the whole concept of going to the hospital.  I killed that notion, as I didn’t want hospital exhaustion when my sister and I were hanging out.  So I did what has seemed to work, I called a church elder, we prayed, I drank some tea, and went to bed early.

That’s all for now, but thank all of you for your prayers and thoughts.  God bless all of you.

Just received this, which sounds much more positive in a things moving somewhere sense.

Well, things have changed in 48 hours.  The doc phoned yesterday, and said he had some time to talk over the phone this morning.  I brought up my symptoms, and well, there’s a chance I may be going in a different direction.  He has agreed to get a fire lit under the specialist, but because of the pain and weight loss a consult with a general surgeon is also in the works.

Update 2:

Here’s an update on the health front.

Bad News

The reason for the delay in getting my CT paperwork going is the clinic switched from paper to digital at the start of this month.  Somehow my paperwork got lost in the shuffle.

Good News

My blood and urine tests came back normal.  They are fast tracking my CT scan because of the pain and weight loss.  I will be receiving a phone call next week.

Thank you all for praying for me.  Thank you also to Carin and Steve for putting up with my freak outs.

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