Would You Like Community Service With That?

Last Updated on: 8th December 2023, 11:07 am

Barb sent this along, saying that it was a food feud sentence she could get behind. I agree. You obviously can’t do things like this in every case, but since no one appears to have been seriously hurt, this is as good a time as any to give it a go.
Woman who threw hot burrito bowl at Chipotle worker sentenced to fast food job

Don’t worry, there’s also some jail time involved, as there should be. But if Rosemary Hayne spends two months working 20 hours a week at a fast food restaurant, she’ll spend 60 days less there than she would have otherwise.

Russell was working as a manager at the Chipotle in Parma, Ohio, in September when Hayne ordered a plain chicken burrito bowl. 
“She just didn’t like the way I made her food. I made her food twice, and she had left the building, checked her food in the car, and she came back and started yelling at me and my crew, disturbing my customers,” Russell said.
“Next thing I know, I had food in my face, dripping from my hair.”
A video of the attack that circulated on social media shows the woman slamming the bowl down on the counter before lobbing it at Russell.

Russell says she had just prepared the food, so it was quite hot. But, ultimately, she says she suffered “a few bruises, but nothing too major.”

Like I said, I hope this works out. Sometimes when you walk a mile in another person’s shoes, it really can change you. But I can’t help but be just a little bit worried when I read this part here that we might have a repeat offender on our hands.

According to Fox News affiliate WJW, Hayne apologized in court to Russell and said there was no excuse for her behaviour.
Nevertheless, she continued to defend her actions as the judge handed her sentence down.
“You didn’t get your burrito bowl the way you like it and this is how you respond?” Parma Municipal Court Judge Timothy Gilligan said to her. “You went in there looking for a fight.”
“I did not,” Hayne responded. “If I showed you how my food looked, and how my food looked a week later from that same restaurant, it’s disgusting looking.”
“I bet you won’t be happy with the food you are going to get in the jail,” the judge retorted.

I hope I’m wrong, but saying there’s no excusing what I did and then immediately making excuses for it is not the best start.

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