I Swear I’d Lose My Head If I Accidentally Detached It And Dumped It In The River

Police seeking help identifying ‘intentionally dismembered’ human remains found at Cherry Beach
If you can help the authorities out with this please do, but what I need is more information on all of the human remains that end up hacked apart, wrapped in plastic bags and floating in the harbour by accident. I assume there must be a lot of them. Why else would it have been so important to mention twice that in this case it definitely happened on purpose?

Police speak has gotten way out of control.

On Oct. 9, 2023, two human thighs were located on the water’s edge at Cherry Beach. Police responded to a call from a civilian who made the initial discovery, said Det-Sgt. Tiffany Castell.  
Toronto police later discovered a human torso, partially wrapped in a black plastic bag, in the outer Toronto harbour area of Lake Ontario on Oct. 30, according to the news release. 
The torso had on a generic necklace and a light-coloured, size small t-shirt from the brand ‘Cotton Best,’ police said.

DNA testing confirmed that the body parts belong to the same individual. Police said the remains had been “intentionally dismembered.”

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