>Military Stupidity

>So let me get this straight. It’s perfectly ok to bring men with bad knees and hearing trouble back into combat, but heaven forbid you have completely able and willing women in there! If you have one, when she gets decorated with the silver star for being a fine medic, too much attention is being attracted, and you have to pull her.

What the fuck? If she’s willing to fight and help the wounded, let her stay. If she’s good at what she does, let her stay. What does it matter if she’s a woman? In fact, it matters very much. She was providing help to local women who, due to cultural reasons, were more comfortable with a woman treating them. So she’s doing a better job than a man. So let her stay! She enlisted, she wants to be there, you were fine with her being there until she won a medal, now maybe it’s time to change some policies instead of removing her from the area.

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