One Of Life’s Great Mysteries Ruined By Reality

The mystery of the Biscayne Bay piano has been solved.

The mystery behind the original prank was solved last week when 16-year-old Nicholas Harrington admitted placing the piano on the sandbar as part of a creative project designed to win him a college admission.

He was ordered to remove the piano within 24 hours, though a musician got there first and claimed it as marine salvage, according to the Miami Herald.

The grand piano spent almost a month on the sandbar among the pelicans and seagulls, drawing widespread attention.

The observant among you may have noticed the words “original prank” in the quoted section above. That’s because it appears the bay is becoming a place to put things for purposes of getting attention.

After the piano thing was figured out, next to arrive was a setup that included a table, two chairs, place settings, a bottle of wine and a chef statue. Lord only knows why, but what is known is that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission would appreciate it if y’all would kindly cut it out. Anyone caught leaving items on the sandbar will be arrested from this point on, they say.

What a letdown this piano thing turned out to be. Anything that could have a great story behind it or remain a mystery for the rest of time that turns out to be a publicity stunt pretty much always sucks. But at least now we know so we don’t have to spend time wondering and caring anymore. Thanks for ruining our fun, kid.

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