Now It’s Time For You To Go To The Cage

Here come some more parents of the year.

Alayna Higdon and John Eckhart sound like a pair of prizes. John has two kids with autism from another marriage. He and Higdon thought it was completely acceptable to keep them in a cage-like room, not send them to school, and leave them in diapers. Apparently the kids have been in the dark cage for 6 months. I found this quote to be hilarious.

“What am I supposed to do?” he asked police. “Let them run around the house? What kind of (expletive) parenting is that? They are both autistic.”

So putting them in a dark cage and leaving them in their own filth for months is *good* parenting?

You say you couldn’t find a school that would take them? Try harder. Anything is better than that.

Now the kids are in care and the parents are in jail.

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