Well, that Song Is Ruined

This weekend we went to visit my brother. We helped him finally upgrade from the very cell phone Carin was writing about in this post from a decade ago, and we also got to spend some time with Trixie, who is doing pretty well for 12 and a half but is getting noticeably older.

Also, this happened.

Brad: You know that Adalida song that George Strait does?
Carin and I: Yes?
Brad: It says “I swear my balls are drained.”
Carin and I: What!?
Brad: It does!
Me: Uh…
Carin: I think I know the line. It’s the part about swimming whatever that river is called.
Me: Uh…

Now that I’ve heard it I’ll never unhear it, but if you’re going to hear it it helps to either not listen on decent speakers or to not be close to them if you do. Carin played it on her phone and it totally sounded like ‘ol George’s testicles had in fact been emptied, but listening to it here as I write this it sounds more like what it actually is, that being “I’d swim the Pontchartrain.” And for the sake of accuracy, the Pontchartrain is either a lake or an estuary, not a river.

But while we can maybe argue that, the fact that Adalida is ruined forever is not up for debate. Thanks, Brad!

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  1. Hehehehehehehehe thanks for the good laugh to start the day. I realized later it is a lake, but I was picturing something rushing. To be fair to Brad, the first time I heard that song, I thought it said I’ve swept the torture train. I was in the back of the car and the radio was all full of static. I thought “gee that doesn’t make any sense at all.” and wanted to figure it out. But I didn’t have Google back then so had to sit and wait for clarification. Then the first time I heard about Lake Pontchartrain I went “Ah, the thing in that Adalida song! Ah!” so Brad’s not the only one to make up wacky lyrics to this song.

      1. I think it might be a smidge slower, had to load it up on Youtube from my phone, but I seem to have snagged a live one. Still. Same thing. I’m sure if you listened to the slower one from a distance, it would sound like it referenced drained balls.

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