A Personal Challenge

Last Updated on: 27th November 2013, 10:00 am

Happy Hump Day,
So I’m back… again… after a… I dunno probably 3 month break since the last post. I’m back home for the summer and returning to somewhat of a farmiliar routine and am going to make it a personal challenge to myself to try and post on here regularly. Who knows whether it will work ornot. I hate challenges and ones given to you by yourself are the easiest ones to shed… so this may not work.

What to start with – well for any of you who were here when I used to post here regularly, if any of you are still even alive, you’ll know that the only thing I can even pretend to know a thing about is sports… so let’s start there.

The Jays look great this year. Especially if Burnett ever gets healthy. And he will. We’re hanging with the Sox and Yankess right now so if we can get him going and maybe get one more pitcher out of somewhere (since Josh Towers needs to be burned alive) we’ll be in good shape for at least a playoff race. Go see the team. They’re unbelievably entertaining. They have power and hitters throughout the line up which means they’re never out of a game. The numver of 5 run 8th innings and the like that this team has had makes every game a can’t miss. Me and a group of friends went to the Home Opener this year, complete with drunken brawl in the stands, and it was a blast. That’s a story for another post though that I will definately tell.

Anti-Flag has come out with another album a month or so ago called “For Blood & Empire” which is great. Not as heavy as some of their stuff but similar message and great tunes. Even if you won’t pick up the album, download the tune “One Trillion Dollars” and I guaruntee you’ll hum it for the rest of the day. Has happened to everyone who I’ve had listen to it.

That’s it for now I think. Also just wanted to say Great Job to Steve and Carin who have done a great job with this thing and have turned it in to something all their own with some great posts. Thumbs Up!

Back Soon…. hopefully

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