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Last Updated on: 21st October 2013, 09:25 am

It’s time for a little story. Once upon a time, 25 years ago, there was a man named Keith Secor. He taught grades 2 and 3 in a catholic school. I guess he liked a few of his students too much, and started to french-kiss them on a daily basis. One day, many years later, some of those girls, now women, filed charges against him because of those kisses. Ever since he was charged, the board moved him out of the classroom and gave him work at the board office. At the end of it all, he was found guilty.

Now here’s where our story takes a weird twist. After his conviction, the board actually had to meet and *decide* what should be done with him. Decide? What’s to decide. There’s only one option. He molested kids, he shouldn’t be working with kids, plain and simple! Show him the door! I understand the idea of not firing him until he was convicted, and it would be horrible if they summarily fired him even after he was found not guilty, but he was convicted!

They did decide to fire him, almost grudgingly, or so it would seem from the article. The superintendent said, “we believe we did not have a choice” about firing him, since the Education Act says that anyone convicted of a sexual crime involving minors cannot be allowed to work with children.”

Duh! What’s so hard about that?

Incidentally, while looking for a story on this guy, I stumbled across this page full of complaints about teachers. Paul Primeau in particular is, uh, quite the gem.

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