Give Me All Your Money! No Really, It’s Ok, You Know Me.

Last Updated on: 29th March 2016, 09:16 am

I just had an interesting and highly illogical conversation with a nice woman from the March of Dimes who was going around our building to sign people up for something called the Dime Plan, a monthly donation scheme to benefit the physically disabled.

She told me that I didn’t have to part with any money today, but that if I was wanting to participate I would have to give out some basic information. Not being down with this idea for a number of reasons, I asked if there was a website where I could go to get more information and perhaps even sign up. What she said next was a line of reasoning I’d never heard before, and hopefully will never hear again.

“We like doing it this way rather than online because people know who they’re talking to and it makes them feel more comfortable.”

My response was something along the lines of “you’re kidding, right? That doesn’t make any sense, because I’ve never met you until right now and the only things I know about you are the ones you’re choosing to tell me.”

She didn’t understand this, so Carin and I politely explained to her how easy it is to misrepresent oneself by saying that you’re from someplace you aren’t and doing something you have no intention of actually doing. It took some work, but it finally clicked and we got our website.

This little conversation made me realize once again how gullible a lot of us are. For this woman to be able to say to us with a straight face that we should be fine with dishing out our life story because she’s standing right here so it must be legit tells me that this is far from the first time she’s used that line. It also tells me that it must work. to me this is insane, but who can argue with success? Ok, I guess in a way I just did, but whatever. What I’d really like to know is why it works. It has to be that we’re either spineless,
or both. whatever it is, we need to rise up as one and stop being it, and we need to do it yesterday. I know it sounds like a lofty goal, but if we could all make an effort to process what we’re hearing for a few seconds, we might be able to put an end to the barrage of solicitation we’re subjected to on a daily basis. It only works because we allow it to work, so quit allowing it to. It’s ok to say no. The physically disabled won’t haunt you at night. Hell, it’ll be hard enough for a lot of them to get up your front steps or reach high enough to tap on your bedroom window let alone give you a serious haunting. So sleep well and for God’s sake save your pennies. No wait, make that dimes.

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