I Think The Cops In Gerald Need A Little Fraud-Prevention Retraining

Last Updated on: 10th January 2015, 06:58 pm

Wow, first we have a fake firefighter, now we have a fake drug enforcement agent! He sure picked a good town to screw up, only consisting of 1200 people, and a police force consisting of the chief and five officers, and a big meth problem. Now two of those officers and the chief have been fired, a zillion drug cases are screwed because he’s not a real agent, and this little town is rattled. What I don’t get is why the police wouldn’t have done a better job of checking out where this guy came from. Sure, he gave them a number to call and he had a convincing-looking badge, but wouldn’t they have their own contacts? Wouldn’t they have their own numbers to cross-reference? Don’t badges have numbers on them? Wouldn’t that have worked? It wouldn’t have been that hard for them. This is, after all, the police. They’re the ones who check other people’s backgrounds and such for police checks. Any way you look at it, that town is in quite the mess.

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