Like Taking Candy From A Baby, Or Dollars From A Moron

Last Updated on: 6th October 2016, 09:28 pm

Kern County thieves make it easy for authorities

Easy seems to be understating things a tad, but I’ll cut that headline some slack since I can’t come up with a word to describe something that’s easier than easy.

Five brain surgeons decided to rob the building that once housed the Homestead restaurant in the hamlet of Inyokern. Why would anybody want to rob an old empty building you ask? Well, because for more than 60 years, one of the local customs was to write on a dollar bill when you visited and then tack the money to the wall where it would stay forever…or at least until somebody decided to lift it.

The lifting it part is where our heroes come in.

Seeing an opportunity to grab some easy cash, they broke into the building and made off with over $8000, which they then proceeded to spend around town.

I bet you see where this is going, but it’s even worse than you’re imagining it.

Remember, all of these bills have things written on them, including in a few cases the name of the restaurant they were taken from. So when the leader of the group who scarily enough would have to be considered the brains of the outfit paid a court fine with 10 of them, trouble almost immediately followed. Arresting him was easy, But here’s where things get easier than easy. When they tracked down one of his accomplices, he still had some of the thumbtacks from the restaurant wall stuck in his shoes.

Do we even need to bother with a trial? And does anybody know the word I might be looking for?

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